Nakhal Ahlia Investment Company
Nakhal Ahlia Investment Company
Nakhal Ahlia Investment Company


“Nakhal Ahlia Investment Company S.A.O.C is a closed held Company established in 2014, with the city of Nakhal’s citizens are its prime investors. It is based in Nakhal, with projects and businesses covering most of the Sultanate. The Company’s purpose is to create investment opportunities and ventures to enhance the city’s progress and development, via utilising the natural resources and powerful tourism presence in the region. The company is registered in the Muscat Securities Market.

Sectors of Investment projects:
Tourism Sector
Mining and Materials Sector
Real Estate
Agricultural Sector

Elected Members of the Board

His Excellency Mohamed bin Suleiman Al Kindi

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Abdulmonem Al Kharusi

Deputy Chairman of the Board

Zakaria bin Abdulrahman Al Kindi

Chief Executive Officer and member

Salah bin Abdullah Al Kindi


Nasser bin Hamed Al Sarmi


Mahmood bin Abdullah Al Kindi

Secretary of the board

A Word from the Chief Executive Officer:

I strongly believe in the importance of our goals and mission statement. It all lies in the understanding of one's capability and responsibility. This company was built on a foundation that highly recognises the potential of business development in the Sultanate. With a clear vision and a relentless strategy, I am confident in the coming growth of the company to become one of the finest investment holding groups in the region.

Zakaria Abdulrahman Al Kindi
Chief Executive Officer